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Thank you for the music!

On March 9th we took part in a truly memorable evening:

The concert, held in St.Mark’s Church, Salisbury, was to remember & celebrate the contribution made by our highly talented organist and accompanist, David Coram, who died in January.

The programme was varied, planned to include the works which the choir had previously performed, and in which he had played such a key role for over 10 years, not only in the actual performances, but during all the weeks and months of rehearsals beforehand. He helped us in so many ways, cajoling the best from us, prompting with subtle (or not so subtle) reminders when we our notes went astray.

There were extracts from the three major works commissioned by the choir: Bob Chilcott’s ‘Salisbury Vespers’; Will Todd’s ‘The City Garden’ & our most recent.. ‘Freedom! The Power of Song’ by Alexander L’Estrange & Joanna Forbes L’Estrange.
Other music included sections from Gabriel Faure’s Requiem, Alan Bullard’s ‘Mr Lear’, Martin Palmeri’s Misa Tango’ and ‘Lullaby’ by Billy Joel, a piece we had just learned with David, and sung by us for the first time.

Included in the programme was a video of one of David’s most memorable and unusual performances: J S Bach: playing a concerto on Melodica and Organ.

It was very special, though emotional, evening.

All proceeds, including ticket sales and retiring collection, go to the fund set up for his children.


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