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David Coram

We are devastated by the loss of our quite brilliant accompanist, David Coram.  For over 10 years he has been an important part of the SCC family. He guided us through three major premieres, tours abroad where he tamed rogue organs, countless concerts in and around our great city and beyond, and of course our weekly rehearsals.

His contribution to our rehearsals was immeasurable. Such a sharp ear for what was going on, helping out as he most felt appropriate: from gentle persuasion to sometimes resorting to jabbing at the piano to move the basses onto the right note! Always alert to who needed help and where; always there with a verbal or musical quip; always entertaining and fun, knowing how and when to lighten the mood if things were getting bogged down; always so inventive in his improvised musical accompaniments; always brilliant.

We all have our own memories of David: his quirky antics, his flowery shirts, his constant battles with organs/pianos/harmoniums, his unfailingly brilliant playing in rehearsal and concert, his never-a-wasted-minute time-keeping!

We cannot imagine our choir family without him.

Sending our love to all those he loved, who loved him and to the many who will miss him profoundly.

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