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What the choir means to me

In December 2016 we were featured on BBC Radio Wiltshire, listen to our members talk about the choir.


“I joined SCC 20 years ago and it remains wonderful stress relief to this day. Within ten minutes of a rehearsal starting, the mood lifts and the difficulties of a tiring day disappear. The choir has been responsible for many memorable experiences: singing many times in our cathedral but also St Paul’s cathedral and Cape Town City Hall, meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu, John Rutter, Bob Chilcott and Karl Jenkins and many other special events.

The choir has always been a constant source of pleasure, both musically and socially, producing many lasting friendships formed by singing and travelling together. I cannot imagine life without it!”


“I have been singing with the choir for about 8 years. Towards the end of the working week, I am beginning to flag but choir rehearsals seem to give me back some energy. The choir brings a different dimension to my life and the variety of music can challenge, inspire and refresh. The experience of performances, from smaller venue concerts for charity to involvement in world premiere works in Salisbury Cathedral, provide a lasting sense of achievement. Finally the social aspect of SCC is important too, from the mutual sense of purpose to the friendships made.”


“It’s a testament to SCC that members stay for so long, coming back year after year. It’s not just the singing, although that is very important to me, but the choir is a real community where we care for one another.

No matter how sad, stressed or grumpy I feel when I go in, I come out happy, smiling and better able to face the world. Thursday evenings are my lifesaver- I sing, laugh, work hard but always enjoy myself.”

Registered Charity Number 1095033 Registered Charity Number 1095033.
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