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If you are reading this page you are probably thinking about joining a choir – we hope that you will come along to one of our rehearsals to find out about us. You will be warmly welcomed and introduced to other members. You don’t need to have sung in a choir before, but just be interested in trying it out.

Frequently asked questions

Where and when do you rehearse?

At Chafyn Grove school in Bourne Avenue, Salisbury, Thursdays from 7.15pm to 9.15pm. You can park in the street and in the first car park at the lower end of the school. The inner car park next to the tennis courts is reserved for people using the sports hall.

Do I have to audition?

No, anyone can come and sing.

What happens at a typical rehearsal?

Everyone signs in at the door. We practise a variety of music. There is always a break in the middle with notices and time to chat.

How much is the subscription?

This varies depending on when in the year you join. The annual subscription at present is £170.

I’ve never sung in a choir before, will I be able to cope?

Salisbury Community Choir exists for people like you. You will be surprised how quickly you will pick things up and don’t be afraid to ask if you’re unsure of anything. Like most choirs, we have 4 parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, and each of these has a first and a second section. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where your voice fits, you can always change later.

What kind of music do you sing?

All sorts! From Abba to Mozart to specially commissioned works. There really is something for everyone.

Where do concerts take place?

We usually have about three concerts a year, which take place in various venues. For special concerts we have sung in Salisbury and Winchester cathedrals and further afield.

What do you wear to concerts?

The women wear long black skirts or trousers, long-sleeved black tops and a blue choir scarf. The men wear a royal blue shirt and black trousers. The choir scarves and shirts are available to buy from the choir. You will also need black choir music folder. Ask a Committee member about the scarves, shirts and folders.

Do I have to buy the music?

All new music for the year is included in the annual subscription but as a new member you will have to buy some music books the choir uses regularly and items the choir may have sung in previous years.

I can’t read music very well, is this a problem?

Not at all, as there will be people to help you. There is also help available in the members’ section of the website for those who would like to learn more.

Do I have to come to every rehearsal?

We understand it’s not always possible to come every week, but if you want to sing in a concert, you have to attend enough rehearsals to be fully prepared, including on the day of the concert.

What will happen at my first rehearsal?

You will be met by our Membership Secretary who will take your details and explain how you join. (It is a good idea to contact the Membership Secretary before hand so that we know to look out for you.) You can attend up to three rehearsals for free, to find out if you enjoy singing with us. You will receive a welcome sheet with additional information and a member of the choir in your voice part will be asked to look after you and answer any more questions you may have. There are some additional packs of music available for new members to use during the rehearsal.

How do I join?

You fill in the membership forms you have been given and arrange payment. Then give or send the form to the Membership Secretary, when you will be given a New Members Pack containing further information.

To find out more about joining, contact the Membership Secretary on

What you can expect from the choir

  • a friendly atmosphere
  • a varied, challenging and enjoyable repertoire
  • your views and concerns heard and responded to
  • as much notice of important dates as possible
  • clear and fair rules on attendance so that our performances are of a good standard

What the choir can expect from you

  • to attend enough rehearsals to be fully prepared for a concert
  • to let the membership secretary know in good time if this causes you any problems
  • to check that you can attend the compulsory rehearsals before signing up to sing in a concert
  • to treat all other members of the choir and everyone that the choir works with, including the Musical Director with respect
  • to ‘bring a pencil’ to rehearsals

Some useful names

Conductor: Graham Coatman
Chair: Jan Edrich
Membership Secretary: Gill Gledhill
Music Librarian: Mary Onstenk

Members of the committee, wear name badges to help identify them.

Term Dates 2022/2023

  • Term dates will be published here once they have been agreed.
Registered Charity Number 1095033 Registered Charity Number 1095033.
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